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Our company is a factory of artist brush profession - the main product divides the eight greatest serieses:The artist brushes, the water color paintbrush, the water powder paintbrush, the nylon hair paintbrush, the wolf milli—paintbrush, the cosmetic brushes, Chinese brush,

the food brush the computer brush, various craft brush, varnish to brush, the species reaches the production ability that the thousand odd grows the year more to 36,000,ooo. The product mainly sells go toward Europe, the United States and nation of Southeast Asia. Our company owns the strong professional technique power, scientific management system, the forerunner's production equepments, the examination means of the precision, perfect but good after— sales service
Round brush heads are used to paint detail, using the tip of the brush; lines can be thickened by putting pressure on the brush.
When using a flat brush, either the full width of the brush can be used or the edge to produce finer lines, These brushes come in flat, bright or short bright;spatters can be used in the same way.
The rounded shape of the head is useful for working the kind of curves found inflower petals, leaves or birds.
The angled head is a flat bush set at an angle, making it possible to work in small spaces either useing the tip or the flat edge of the head according to the desired effect.
Fan shaped heads can be used wet or dry. When used dry it is useful to paint shaded fones. When wet, this shape can be used to produce streaked effects, asin grass or trees.
The round pointed shape is used to paint details. The thickness of the stroke can be varied by the pressure applied on the head.
The usefulness of the mop is its rounded shape and the breadth of the brush head. Applying pressure to the brush makes it possible to vary thethickness of the bursh head.
The oval shape is useful due to its rounded shape, the width of the brush head and its edge. Exerting pressure on the brush makes it possible to vary the thickness of strokes.
The deerfoot stippler is a bevelled stencil shaped brush head that makes it possible o go beyond what one can do with a simple stencil. lf the edge of the brush is used you can obtain fine strokes.
The comb is a flat brush head narrowed to a point; putting pressure on the brushbroadens the stroke to the full width of the brush.
The dagger stripper shape is interesting in that its tip and curved brush head areuseful for painting such shapes as leaves or ribbons.
The liner is used to paint very fine strokes; the brush fead filled with paint, makes it possible to paint very long strokes.


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